Banana Triple Berry Smoothie

This smoothie just screams “DELICIOUS”!!!  I was making a berry smoothie, and then I realized I had some more room in the glass, so I decided to make a bit of banana smoothie, and then poor it in there.  Which resulted in two things: 1.) An insanely tasty smoothie, and 2.) A really cool lookingContinue reading “Banana Triple Berry Smoothie”

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Um, I can’t believe how good this smoothie is!!!  It’s only got a few ingredients, so it’s better as a snack and not as a meal replacement, but oh what a snack it makes!  This stuff is perfect to sip on while sitting next to the pool enjoying a warm summer day!  However, of courseContinue reading “Orange Creamsicle Smoothie”

Blueberry Smoothie with Hidden Veggies

Well, I’ve found a new favorite!  Wow, this smoothie is SO SO YUMMY!!!  The best part?  It’s got veggies in there that are so good for you, but totally tastes like a fruit-only smoothie!  Yum.  That is all. The main ingredients in this smoothie are blueberries, banana, red cabbage, and carrots. Know what that means?Continue reading “Blueberry Smoothie with Hidden Veggies”

Blueberry Banana Ginger Smoothie

Of all the berries in all the world, I think blueberry might be my favorite! Why, you ask? Well, blueberries are a power fruit packed with antioxidants, and there are a number of different ways that blueberries are beneficial to our health! Great for brain health, and can reduce inflammation in brain cells Good forContinue reading “Blueberry Banana Ginger Smoothie”

Healthy Chocolate Banana Energy Smoothie

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing that I really miss when eating healthy, it’s chocolate! Well, that is completely fixable with raw cacao! Raw cacao is chocolate before it goes through a ton of processing and a ton of bad ingredients are added to it. It has a bitter taste, butContinue reading “Healthy Chocolate Banana Energy Smoothie”