Roasted Chicken and Autumn Veggies

Are you ready for the best Autumn dinner ever? Well, I’ve got the recipe for you right here! I used different veggies and different seasoning to create a perfectly autumn-esque dinner!  As usual, this dish is REALLY good for you.  With the sweet potato, brussels sprouts, onion, and apple, this dish packs some serious nutrition!Continue reading “Roasted Chicken and Autumn Veggies”

Sautéed Chicken and Cabbage

Okay, so this is a SUPER simple dinner to make, but guys, oh my gosh, is it ever delicious!  It is a HUGE hit every time I make it for dinner (for me included, because not only does it taste delicious, it’s SO easy to make!). This dish makes for an awesome meal.  The cabbage,Continue reading “Sautéed Chicken and Cabbage”

Colorful Cabbage and Lentil Cooked Salad

When dinner time came yesterday, I was hangry and lazy. I wanted to throw something together that was filling, but was also really easy and didn’t take a lot of work on my part. This cabbage and lentil salad was just the thing! Super filling due to the fiber and the protein from the lentils…SuperContinue reading “Colorful Cabbage and Lentil Cooked Salad”

Chicken and Vegetable Pan Dinner

If you’re looking for an incredibly healthy dinner that is stuffed with amazing flavors, this is it! This dish contains plenty of vegetables, and the chicken provides a healthy punch of protein. Some of the ingredients, along with their health benefits, that are in this dish are as follows: Basil Sharpens memory Good for combatingContinue reading “Chicken and Vegetable Pan Dinner”