Laughter Yoga: Be Real Till you Feel!

We are wired for love. Science shows that we have a natural optimism bias. ~Dr. Caroline Leaf I know I’ve stated it many times before, both here in my blog and while leading laughter yoga sessions, but I’m going to say it again! In laughter yoga, we laugh for the sake of laughing. No jokes,Continue reading “Laughter Yoga: Be Real Till you Feel!”

Why We Should Laugh When We Don’t Feel Like Laughing

You’ve just had a bad day, a stressful event just occurred, or you’re just in a funk. Why in the world would you want to laugh now? Well, my friends, though it may feel paradoxical at the time, this is when you need laughter the most. When you don’t feel like laughing…this is when youContinue reading “Why We Should Laugh When We Don’t Feel Like Laughing”

Overcoming the Brain’s Negativity Bias Through Laughter Yoga

Have you ever heard of a little word called “neuroplasticity”? This term may sound a bit intimidating and fancy, but it’s actually quite simple. It refers to the brain’s ability to change by creating new neural pathways and breaking down old neural pathways. What’s so incredible about the brain being neuroplastic is that each andContinue reading “Overcoming the Brain’s Negativity Bias Through Laughter Yoga”