Honey Butternut Squash, Chicken, and Kale Dinner

Oh my gosh!  This is pretty much the simplest dinner ever to put together, and yet it tastes SO good and is super filling!  The mixture of sage, garlic, and honey goes perfectly together with the flavors of butternut squash, onion, kale and chicken!  Oh, and by the way, I pretty much just listed practicallyContinue reading “Honey Butternut Squash, Chicken, and Kale Dinner”

No-Bake Almond Oatmeal Bars

I have a confession to make.  I am addicted to almond butter and honey…like “spoonfuls of almond butter straight out of the jar dipped straight into the jar of honey” addicted.  I decided to try to dignify my guilty pleasure by making a little sweet treat with these two ingredients — at least it gets meContinue reading “No-Bake Almond Oatmeal Bars”

Maple Honey Cauliflower and Carrots

Sweet and salty – were there ever two things that go together better than these?  I absolutely love dishes that have a sweet and salty flavor to them, and this dish does not disappoint in that area! I needed a side dish for dinner.  I was baking up some honey garlic chicken, and I wasContinue reading “Maple Honey Cauliflower and Carrots”