Fruit and Veggie Oatmeal Smoothie

As the incredibly unoriginal name I came up with for this smoothie implies, this fruit and veggie oatmeal smoothie is filled with fruits and veggies, and it contains additional ingredients making it a delicious and healthy breakfast option! It could also serve as a great snack as well! Additionally, this is sweetened completely naturally withContinue reading “Fruit and Veggie Oatmeal Smoothie”

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie With Hidden Veggies

You would never guess that this smoothie has a full 2-3 servings of veggies in it, but it does! This thing is packed with nutrition! Of course we know that the fruit and veggies in there provide all kinds of awesome nutrients and health benefits, but something we may be less familiar with is theContinue reading “Blueberry Coconut Smoothie With Hidden Veggies”

Clean Eating Pumpkin Smoothie

I know that Fall and Winter don’t usually scream “Smoothie time!”, but this smoothie will have you thinking differently. After all, doesn’t fall mean pumpkin everything? This is a pumpkin smoothie that is beyond delicious, incredibly good for you, and very filling. In case you aren’t already familiar with some of the excellent health benefitsContinue reading “Clean Eating Pumpkin Smoothie”

Strawberry Banana Spinach Smoothie

This smoothie is SO yummy, and will make you feel like you are laying by the pool on a beautiful summer day, indulging in a sweet and refreshing shake-like treat (which is a great vision with how long it is taking to warm up this year here in South Bend)! On top of that, youContinue reading “Strawberry Banana Spinach Smoothie”

Super Healthy Cleansing Smoothie

This smoothie that I made as a snack today is SO good for you, but it is so yummy that you would never know it! It’s simple, but contains quite a few super foods making it a nutritional powerhouse. You will feel great after drinking this! Some of the ingredients along with their benefits areContinue reading “Super Healthy Cleansing Smoothie”