Moroccan Inspired Green Lentil Salad

Oh my gosh, talk about FLAVOR! This Moroccan inspired green lentil salad is filled with so many different flavors that blend together perfectly for an absolutely delicious and nutritious treat of a meal! I am literally obsessed with this! On top of it being delicious, this salad also is packed full of nutrition thanks toContinue reading “Moroccan Inspired Green Lentil Salad”

Apple Sardine Salad

Oh! Oh! I’ve got another good one for you guys! How many of you like tuna salad? Well, would you like it even better without the high mercury content? Unfortunately, tuna contains high levels of mercury these days…too bad, because it does have some great health benefits. However, I’ve got a solution…SARDINES!!! Sardines have allContinue reading “Apple Sardine Salad”

Mixed Bean Chopped Salad

Beans beans, the magical fruit – wink! 😉 Though beans sometimes get a bad rap for possibly causing a bit of flatulence here and there, they are actually SO incredibly good for you, and when eaten regularly and in responsible amounts, the “toots” are usually quite minimal. This mixed bean salad is perfect for providingContinue reading “Mixed Bean Chopped Salad”

Strawberry Summer Salad

Summer’s not over yet, guys! This week it’s been quite warm everyday here, and though I am definitely not a hot weather kinda gal, at least the hot temps let me know that summer’s still here and it’s okay to indulge in a tasty summer salad (Yay!!! Summer salads are my favorite part of summer)!Continue reading “Strawberry Summer Salad”

Broccoli Apple Salad

I am actually chowing down on this salad as I type this! This thing is delicious, and the ingredients leave your body feeling fantastic! Over the weekend, we were at a potluck, and one of the dishes brought to pass was a Waldorf salad. I didn’t end up trying it, because I’m not a bigContinue reading “Broccoli Apple Salad”