Valentines Day Oatmeal

Valentine’s day is just about here, and I have the perfect breakfast for the occasion! I called this Valentines day oatmeal, but the truth of the matter is that this is delicious anytime of the year…it just so happened that I had it for breakfast on Valentines day one year, it’s red, and it isContinue reading “Valentines Day Oatmeal”

Veggie Packed Autumn Oatmeal

If you are looking for a breakfast that screams “AUTUMN”, then this is it! I took some of the “sweeter” autumn veggies (butternut squash, pumpkin, and carrots), and made a oatmeal breakfast that is surprisingly similar to pumpkin pie! The only difference is that this stuff is SO good for you due to its awesomeContinue reading “Veggie Packed Autumn Oatmeal”

Blueberry Pie Breakfast Oatmeal

This breakfast recipe is so simple, but SO delicious. It seriously tastes like blueberry pie, but it’s super healthy! It makes for the PERFECT breakfast meal to start your day! There’s only six ingredients, and the two main ones are oats and blueberries. Both of which are loaded with health benefits! All of that inContinue reading “Blueberry Pie Breakfast Oatmeal”

Almond Chocolate Oatmeal With Hidden Greens

YES!!!! Oatmeal that has veggies in it! As anybody that follows my blog knows, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to add as many veggies into my recipes as possible. Well, now I’ve done it with oatmeal…and don’t worry, you don’t notice they’re there! This oatmeal has TONS of great ingredients in it, so notContinue reading “Almond Chocolate Oatmeal With Hidden Greens”