Veggie Packed Autumn Oatmeal

If you are looking for a breakfast that screams “AUTUMN”, then this is it! I took some of the “sweeter” autumn veggies (butternut squash, pumpkin, and carrots), and made a oatmeal breakfast that is surprisingly similar to pumpkin pie! The only difference is that this stuff is SO good for you due to its awesomeContinue reading “Veggie Packed Autumn Oatmeal”

Healthy and Delicious 4-Ingredient Pancakes

As many of you know, anytime I can add a vegetable to a meal, I do! These pancakes are no different! That is, you can actually get away with just 3 ingredients for these delicious yummies (eggs, cinnamon, and bananas), but I added zucchini to the mix for some extra nutrients! The result? Fabulousness! AsContinue reading “Healthy and Delicious 4-Ingredient Pancakes”

Healthy “Oatless” Buckwheat Oat Bran Oatmeal

I went to the store to do some grocery shopping the other day, and they didn’t have my normal gluten free oats in stock, so I decided to get creative! I made some oatmeal without oats (well, there’s oat bran, but not whole oats!). The result was wonderful! The key ingredient I used is buckwheatContinue reading “Healthy “Oatless” Buckwheat Oat Bran Oatmeal”

Butternut Squash and Banana Breakfast Mash

Get ready for the yummiest breakfast ever! I love this stuff – it’s got a great sweet and cozy vibe to it, and it tastes like a little piece of heaven! What a great way to start your day! The two main ingredients in this dish are butternut squash and banana, both of which areContinue reading “Butternut Squash and Banana Breakfast Mash”

Simple & Healthy Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Aren’t carrots the best! I love how they can lend themselves to both sweet and savory dishes. Any vegetable that can serve as a fruit in this way is awesome in my book! Not only that, but check out all of the health benefits, vitamins, and minerals carrots provide! Good source of vitamins A, K,Continue reading “Simple & Healthy Carrot Cake Oatmeal”