Mexican Chicken Cauliflower Rice

Any Mexican food lovers out there??? Wait, doesn’t everyone love Mexican food? Well, I’ve got good news, or rather good food, for anyone that loves Mexican food! This Mexican chicken cauliflower fried rice is so so good, and it totally satisfies any hankering for Mexican food in a super healthy way! Everything in this dishContinue reading “Mexican Chicken Cauliflower Rice”

Banana Mango Probiotic Smoothie

This smoothie! What a delicious way to get your probiotics in for the day! This makes for a perfect punch of some good bacteria for gut health, and the ingredients of mangos and bananas provide an excellent source of prebiotics, or food for those healthy little bacteria to help them populate the gut and crowdContinue reading “Banana Mango Probiotic Smoothie”

All the Greens Chicken Salad

It was one of those days where dinner consisted of whatever I could find in the refrigerator, and in this case, it was perfection! I started rifling through the fridge at dinner time, and saw that I had a whole bunch of green vegetables! I wasn’t sure how they would all go together, but IContinue reading “All the Greens Chicken Salad”