Homemade Pain Relieving Gel – Safe and Non-Toxic

Last week, I woke up and realized that I am getting old!  Somehow, I managed to sleep wrong (is that even a thing?), and I woke with a major kink on the right side of my neck/trap muscle.  OUCH!  I tried stretching it, heating it with a grain bag, massaging it, etc. but it justContinue reading “Homemade Pain Relieving Gel – Safe and Non-Toxic”

Non Toxic D.I.Y. Hand Sanitizer

Now that we are living in the Midwest again back near my beloved Michy, I am beyond excited to experience everything that all the wonderful seasons have to offer! That being said, a couple of things that tend to increase around fall and winter are colds and flu – not cool, guys! Of course, oneContinue reading “Non Toxic D.I.Y. Hand Sanitizer”