Broccoli Apple Salad

I am actually chowing down on this salad as I type this! This thing is delicious, and the ingredients leave your body feeling fantastic! Over the weekend, we were at a potluck, and one of the dishes brought to pass was a Waldorf salad. I didn’t end up trying it, because I’m not a bigContinue reading “Broccoli Apple Salad”

Cooked Brussels and Apple Salad

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…and if it’s in this salad, it’s also DELICIOUS! This salad has a sweet and salty type of tangy taste to it, and it is so yummy. It’s also loaded with health benefits, because its main ingredient is brussels sprouts! I just love getting a whole bunch ofContinue reading “Cooked Brussels and Apple Salad”

Gobs and Gobs of Veggies Salad

So often, I forget how much flavor and satisfaction veggies can provide simply by themselves, without the frills and thrills of other added ingredients!  It certainly doesn’t hurt that fewer ingredients makes a recipe much easier too! 🙂 This thought of “simply veggies” inspired my lunch today.  I decided to just throw together a hodgepodge ofContinue reading “Gobs and Gobs of Veggies Salad”