Lighted Wood Christmas Craft

Aren’t these the most darling lil crafts ever? These are what I am giving out as Christmas gifts this year…hmmm…hopefully my friends and family don’t read this before they get them! I love these things, because they look really nice and rustic, but they’re actually not all that hard to put together! They make forContinue reading “Lighted Wood Christmas Craft”

Super Easy DIY Halloween Mummy Gift Basket

Halloween season is here, and to celebrate, I recently threw together this cute little mummy gift basket full of candy that I gave to my hubby to enjoy over the spooky season! This craft is super simple, but I thought it was cute enough to share!  To make it, I looked around our place toContinue reading “Super Easy DIY Halloween Mummy Gift Basket”

D.I.Y. Painted Wine Glasses

I was feeling crafty recently, so I decided to give painting wine glasses a try, and I’m so glad I did, because they turn out super cute. I made quite a few different designs, and I love them all! The actual painting of the wine glasses is really quite easy, and doesn’t take a tonContinue reading “D.I.Y. Painted Wine Glasses”

D.I.Y. Personalized Wood Burning Cutting Boards

I had my wood burner out while working on a project. While doing so, I glanced into the kitchen, and saw some cutting boards sitting on the counter looking pretty barren!  Cue idea light bulb!  I decided to use my wood burner to customize the cutting boards, and they turned out really cute!  Of course,Continue reading “D.I.Y. Personalized Wood Burning Cutting Boards”

D.I.Y. Finger Crocheting Throw Blanket – With Video Instructions

This is my absolute favorite craft to make. Not only is the result beautiful, but finger crocheting is almost meditative as it focuses the mind on the task at hand allowing the body to relax and fall into a restful and restorative state. I would be willing to put money down that anyone that givesContinue reading “D.I.Y. Finger Crocheting Throw Blanket – With Video Instructions”