Healthy Chicken Veggie Plate (with Meat-Free Option)

This meal is one of my top 5 meals EVER!!! I’m not kidding – I seriously love it! And before I even get started with describing how mouth watering this dish is, I also have a version that doesn’t use chicken.  It uses chick peas for the protein source, and it’s just as delicious, soContinue reading “Healthy Chicken Veggie Plate (with Meat-Free Option)”

Grape Arugula Chicken Salad

Ya know, I haven’t had grapes is a very long time (aside from the kind that are made into a liquid and make me giggle…ahem – wine), and after making this salad, I’m seriously questioning why that is! Wow, those round little buggers are delicious, and they make for the perfect addition to this salad!Continue reading “Grape Arugula Chicken Salad”