Cashew Coconut Cranberry Bites

These little bites make for a perfect snack if you want something a little sweet that won’t fill you with junk. They are filled with nutrition due to the main ingredients being cashews, coconut oil, cranberries, and coconut. All of these have excellent health benefits, some of which are as follows: Another plus is thatContinue reading “Cashew Coconut Cranberry Bites”

Healthy Blueberry Scones

Get ready to have your mind blown!  These blueberry scones are SO incredibly delicious.  They taste just like you are at a cute cafe for breakfast, but these guys are REALLY good for you!  Not only that, these babies are gluten free, so gluten-sensitive individuals still get to enjoy!!! The two main ingredients in thisContinue reading “Healthy Blueberry Scones”

Homemade 3-Ingredient Lara Bars

Have you ever heard of Larabars? They are these delicious energy bars that are sweetened using dates instead of sugar, and they are DELICIOUS! The Lara Bar Company list all the ingredients for each bar on their website, so I decided to give it a go at trying to make a rendition of my own.Continue reading “Homemade 3-Ingredient Lara Bars”