Root Vegetable Fries

Sometimes you just want to pig out on a huge plate of fries…the only problem is that then you end up with eater’s remorse from eating a bunch of junk…unless…wait for it…HEALTHY FRIES!!!  Yup, healthy fries!  These root veggie fries are SUPER good for you.  You can really use any root veggies that you wantContinue reading “Root Vegetable Fries”

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

These muffins are the easiest to make muffins ever! They are gluten and grain free, and they are absolutely delicious! They make for a wonderful breakfast food, or just as a snack that satisfies throughout your day! Nice and fluffy and so so tasty! Just look at those yummies! Okay, let’s get to the recipe!Continue reading “Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins”

Apple Sardine Salad

Oh! Oh! I’ve got another good one for you guys! How many of you like tuna salad? Well, would you like it even better without the high mercury content? Unfortunately, tuna contains high levels of mercury these days…too bad, because it does have some great health benefits. However, I’ve got a solution…SARDINES!!! Sardines have allContinue reading “Apple Sardine Salad”

Mixed Bean Chopped Salad

Beans beans, the magical fruit – wink! 😉 Though beans sometimes get a bad rap for possibly causing a bit of flatulence here and there, they are actually SO incredibly good for you, and when eaten regularly and in responsible amounts, the “toots” are usually quite minimal. This mixed bean salad is perfect for providingContinue reading “Mixed Bean Chopped Salad”

Healthy Black Bean Veggie Dip

Check out some of the health benefits of black beans! Wow! Black beans are great for you! The fact that they are delicious makes these little pebbles even more desirable! Based on all this goodness, I decided to come up with a black bean dip that I could dunk my veggies in as a snack.Continue reading “Healthy Black Bean Veggie Dip”