Laughter Yoga = Daily D.O.S.E of Happy Medicine

Let’s talk about laughter yoga and D.O.S.E! When it comes to the brain, neuroscience, the nervous system, and feel-good chemicals and hormones, there are four key players. Dopamine Oxytocin Serotonin Endorphins All of these chemicals and hormones play different roles in making us feel good inside. Now, take the first letter of each of theseContinue reading “Laughter Yoga = Daily D.O.S.E of Happy Medicine”

Spreading Happiness, Laughter Yoga, and Mirror Neurons

Let’s do a quick demonstration. From the image above, stare at the top image for about 10 seconds, and jot down 3 different emotions that it makes you feel. Then, stare at the bottom image for about 10 seconds, and jot down 3 different emotions that it makes you feel. From the top image, youContinue reading “Spreading Happiness, Laughter Yoga, and Mirror Neurons”

Love Heals, Love Transforms, Love is Everything.

As Dr. Caroline Leaf states in the “Switch on Your Brain Everyday” devotional: “Love can change the way the brain and body function. Loving others and being loved changes the blood chemistry in all 75 to 100 trillion cells of the brain and body.” Read that again! Love is one of the most powerful healingContinue reading “Love Heals, Love Transforms, Love is Everything.”

Overcoming the Brain’s Negativity Bias Through Laughter Yoga

Have you ever heard of a little word called “neuroplasticity”? This term may sound a bit intimidating and fancy, but it’s actually quite simple. It refers to the brain’s ability to change by creating new neural pathways and breaking down old neural pathways. What’s so incredible about the brain being neuroplastic is that each andContinue reading “Overcoming the Brain’s Negativity Bias Through Laughter Yoga”