D.I.Y. Pinecone Flower Christmas Ornaments

Aren’t these lil’ pinecone flower ornaments adorable?!? I came up with the idea the other day when I was out for a walk, and I saw a pinecone that had been broken in half. I noticed that the cross-section of where it had been broken resembled a flower, and I let me imagination take it from there.

Not only are these really cute, but they also look quite nice, and you would never know how easy they are to put together. They also don’t require a lot of materials, which is always a bonus this time of year since the holidays can get so expensive! I made a big bundle of these to hang around wine bottles that I will be giving out as little gifts of love this Christmas. I also made some to hang on our Christmas tree here as well!

Without further ado, let’s get to the materials needed and the directions on how to make these beauties!



  • Pre-sliced wood rounds. I also got some that had the holes for the strings predrilled. That being said, in the past, I’ve made ornaments with wood rounds where I just drill the hole myself – it’s really simple. The ones I used for this particular project can be found on Amazon here.
  • Really sharp heavy duty scissors or pruning shears. I’m sure you can get some pruning shears on Amazon at a decent price if you don’t already have some. I already had some in my craft box, so I used those.
  • Acrylic paint – color of your choice (optional) – I painted the background for my ornaments a dark green, but you can use any color you want or you could also easily leave it as wood for a simpler and more rustic look. It’s up to you.
  • Pinecones – If you are lucky enough to live in or near a forest, you can simply go grab some pinecones from outside (this is what I did). However, you can also buy pinecones on Amazon, which I’ve done in the past when we’ve been stationed somewhere that they weren’t readily available outside (think San Antonio, TX in the city). The ones found here have worked well for me in the past on different craft projects.
  • Glue gun – If you don’t already have one, a good one that is super cheap can be found on Amazon here.
  • Ribbon of your choice for hanging. The red and white checkered ribbon I used (as pictured) can be found on Amazon here.


  1. Use your scissors or pruning shears to cut the top 3/4 of the pine cone off (leaving about 1/4 of the bottom – this will be your flower).

2. If painting your background, do this now. Simply paint the inner part of the wood round your desired color, and allow it to dry (it will dry quite quickly).

3. Use your glue gun to place a glob of glue in the center of your wood round. Place the back of the pinecone flower onto the glob of glue and allow it to harden/dry. This will happen fairly quickly, so don’t worry – you won’t be sitting there holding the flower in place forever trying to get it to dry.

4. Cut off a piece of ribbon, and fold it in half. Put the ends of the ribbon through the hole in the wood. You will want both of the ends to enter through the back. If you are having a hard time getting both ends of the ribbon through, it may be helpful to use a toothpick to push them through, and then pull them through the front side.

5. Use the two ends of the ribbon on the front side to tie a bow, and then trim the ends so that they are whatever length you would like.

6. You’re all set!

So cute – enjoy!

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