Laughter Yoga: Be Real Till you Feel!

We are wired for love. Science shows that we have a natural optimism bias. ~Dr. Caroline Leaf

I know I’ve stated it many times before, both here in my blog and while leading laughter yoga sessions, but I’m going to say it again! In laughter yoga, we laugh for the sake of laughing. No jokes, no comedy, we laugh to laugh and to reap all of its amazing benefits, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  

We use laughter as a tool to tell our brains that all is well and we are joyful. This is why laughter yoga is especially useful when we are having an off day or don’t feel very cheerful or optimistic – the simple act of laughing communicates to our brains that even though we may not “feel” like it, we are actually perfectly fine and that we can choose the joy that is within us, the joy that is our natural and authentically designed state, regardless of our circumstances. What a gift!

There is a common phrase that goes around in the laughter yoga community, within the studies and research of neuroplasticity, and in various brain rewiring programs. This is:

“Fake it till you make it.”

Within the realm of laughter yoga, the meaning behind this is, when you don’t feel like laughing, just fake it till it becomes natural or till that “faked” joy becomes real. However, this is one saying/phrase/idea that I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with. Now, stay with me here if this is one of your mottos or mantras that you use during hard times – I promise my rationale is sound.

You see, as opposed to “faking it till we make it”, I prefer a more accurate saying of:

“Be real till you feel.”

That is, we are all wired for love, joy, hope, and optimism. As stated by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a renowned and highly respected cognitive neuroscientist, we are wired for love, as science shows that we have a natural optimism bias.  Based on this scientific fact, when we laugh and tell the brain all is well and that we are loving, joyful, healthy, happy, etc, we are actually reminding our nervous system of our real natural state of joy and love – it’s true and natural state.

When we keep reminding our brain/nervous system of its true and natural state through healthy practices of laughter, choosing healthy thought patterns, treating ourselves with compassion and kindness, and the like, we are able to step outside ourselves, communicate with our Creator, and return to our natural joyful and peaceful state that He intended and designed us to be in.

When we do this, our brain responds with a healthy dose of positive neurochemicals spread throughout the body and incredible structural changes that can and will improve our health, peace, wellness, and capacity for love and joy. That is, the brain sends out all of the happy chemicals and hormones that allow us to return to and “feel” our very real, true and naturally wired state of love and joy.

Hence, even if we don’t “feel” like laughing and are feeling a bit grumpy, we aren’t faking it when we are laughing. Rather, we are being our real, true, and authentic selves and reminding our brain of that authentic state of peace, joy, and love, and if we do it consistently and repetitively enough, then eventually we get out of that inauthentic brain rut of negativity and feel that true and authentic state of joy. In other words, when you’re feeling a bit down/grumpy/negative/etc., be real by laughing until the brain catches up allowing you to feel like your real joyful self again. Get it? Be real till you feel!

Through laughter yoga and choosing joy, we can experience and feel soul harmony, or our true and natural state, and then share that harmony with others spreading love out into the world around us – what a beautiful idea! The good news is that it’s not just an idea! It is scientifically and structurally sound – it is very real! Therefore, give laughter yoga a try today, and be real till you feel!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a medical professional. The information presented on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. One should always consult with their doctor or medical professional before taking on any sort of major dietary or lifestyle changes.

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