Easy Halloween Pillow Craft – No Sewing Required!

It must be close to Halloween, because Hocus Pocus was on tonight!!! That is my favorite Halloween movie! I decided to get into the Halloween mood while watching it, and made a fun Halloween pillow craft that turned out great!

I don’t have a sewing machine, and quite frankly, I was feeling a bit lazy tonight. I decided to come up with another way to make some Halloween pillows. The pillows I made don’t require any sewing, and you only need 3 things to make them. It only took me about 15 minutes to make two of these pillows, and that included time to take pictures of each step! Once you see how to make these, you will see that you can really make these with any holiday theme, or really any theme in general. They would also make great gifts as well, as they make excellent holiday decor for around the house, on the porch, and the like. Perfect!



  • Halloween themed dishtowels
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • batting (pillow stuffing) – you can get this at most craft stores, or you can get it on Amazon here.


1.) Fold your dishtowels in half to create a crease in the middle so you know where to start with your glue gun.

2.) Using your glue gun, run glue down the sides of the towel to glue the edges together. Leave the bottom open so you can fill the pillow with batting. Start at the crease and work your way down. I did mine in 3 sections. I ran glue from the crease to about 1/3 of the way to the end of the towel on both sides, then I folded the towel over and pressed the sides together allowing the glue to attach the sides together. Then, I flipped the remaining top of the towel back up and glued another 1/3 of the way down on each side, flipped the towel back down and pressed the edges together. I did this until the sides were completely glued together.

Now the edges of your pillow are attached together, and you still have one opening to use to fill the pillow with batting.

3.) Fill the pillow with batting. It’s really up to you how full you want it to be.

4.) When you have your pillowed filled as desired, use your glue gun to glue the bottom opening together the same way you did the edges. I did a few inches at a time so I was able to tuck in any batting that needed tucking as I went.

5.) The glue dries really quickly which is convenient. Your now done with your pillows! Put them on the sofa, on a chair, on a porch chair, anywhere you want to have a little Halloween decor.

There you have it! So easy that I feel like I got away with something! Happy Halloween, and enjoy!

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