Burlap Pumpkin Craft

So, here is a really easy pumpkin craft that turns out super cute. This is another part of my pumpkin patch that I created this year during the Autumn crafting season. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I went a little crazy with the pumpkins when it comes to crafts this year, so I ended up with my very own pumpkin patch!

I have directions for each and every one of these lil pumpkins on here!  If you have the time, I suggest making them all – they make for amazing fall decor, and you can even put them out on your porch for Halloween for some “fancy” Halloween decorations!  Of course, they each stand alone really well, in terms of decor, as well!

That being said, let’s talk about this burlap pumpkin!  This one is really easy to make, and thank goodness for Crafter’s Pick glue drying clear, because this takes a lot of glue, and I’m not the neatest gluer!  Ya know, though, other than the messy gluing, this craft is a lot of fun to make and is really quite easy!



  • Styrofoam ball (I used an 8 inch styrofoam ball)
  • Knife
  • Craft glue (I use Crafter’s Pick – it sticks great, dries clear, and is non-toxic)
  • Burlap fabric
  • Scissors
  • Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Paint sponge to apply the paint
  • Empty brown egg carton
  • Burlap string
  • Embellishments (I used some leaves and stems from some plastic flowers)


1.) The first step is to “carve” your pumpkin!  Use the knife to cut the top and bottom of the styrofoam ball, then create evenly spaced indented lines, so that your ball now looks more like a pumpkin.

2.) Now comes the gluing! Cut your burlap fabric into strips that will cover each section of the pumpkin and over lap into the indented lines. Glue the burlap strips onto the pumpkin one strip at a time.

3.) Once the glue has dried, cut out one of the tall egg dividers in the egg carton to create a stem. Glue the stem onto the top of the burlap covered pumpkin.

4.) Once the glue has dried, you want to paint your burlap. To do this, use a sponge brush, and dab the paint on little by little.

5.) After the paint has dried, put some glue on the stem and wrap the burlap string around the stem from the bottom to the top, covering it completely. Tuck the ends in.

6.) Place some more glue (I know! More glue!!!) on the base of the stem and add on your embellishments. Allow the glue to dry.

Ta-da! Don’t worry, once the glue dries, it will be clear (as long as you are using Crafter’s Pick), so you won’t see big globs of glue on the craft! You’re all done! Enjoy!

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