He Will Heal You

I am currently going through a season of waiting for God’s healing, and if I’m being completely honest, sometimes it’s really hard to wait! That being said, I know how much He loves me, and I know that when the time is exactly right, healing will happen thanks to His loving grace.

I just wanted to hop on here with a quick note for anyone waiting on healing at the moment, whether it be physical healing, emotional healing, healing from grief, relationship healing, or the like, remember that you can trust in God’s blessings and healing miracles. Take a deep breath and remember Who is in the boat with you during the storms of life, and remember that He can, He wants to, and He WILL heal any part of you that needs it in His perfect timing.

You are cared for beyond comprehension. You are cherished beyond belief. You are held in the strongest hands possible. You are LOVED more than you can possibly fathom. Hang in there – more often than not, a “no” from Papa is simply a “not yet”, and He is preparing you for something far better than anything you could possibly dream of! Lastly, if you are sitting there thinking “Oh, that message is for me”, then you are absolutely correct – it is exactly what He wanted you to hear today.

This is what the Lord says:
“I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.”
~2 Kings 20:5 đź’•

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