Dry Skin Brushing With “How To” Video

I’ve finally gotten around to making a quick video of my skin brushing routine, so I wanted to write a quick post about it.

Some of you may be familiar with dry skin brushing, or maybe you’ve heard of it, but aren’t really sure what it entails.  Basically, dry skin brushing is simply a matter of using a brush to brush your skin while it’s dry.  This may sound silly, but the benefits really are numerous.

If you’ve never done skin brushing, then you are probably skeptical…I mean, how can simply rubbing a brush over your skin provide all these benefits?  I was the exact same way before I started dry skin brushing, but I figured, what can it hurt, so I gave it a shot 8 years ago, and have been hooked ever since.

I am here to tell you from personal experience that dry skin brushing does provide these various benefits when done regularly for an extended period of time.  So much so that when you are first starting out, you may find that you have a period of detox symptoms.  I had about a week or so of a bit of a headache, some diarrhea (sorry if that’s TMI), fatigue, and feeling a bit like I was coming down with a cold, but it never turned into one.  Thankfully, I knew this might happen, so I carried on, and those initial symptoms disappeared, and I started to notice less cellulite, brighter skin, areas of dry skin all but disappeared, my digestion improved, and I just had an overall lighter feeling about me.

I’m not saying this stuff will happen overnight, and I’m also not saying that dry skin brushing alone will make all this happen, but I am saying that dry skin brushing can be a fantastic adjunct tool to implement into any healing or wellness program that you may be on.

Okay, let’s talk procedure.  There area many different ways to dry skin brush.  The main thing to remember is “towards the heart”.  When in doubt, always go towards the heart. The following video is me demonstrating this process.

Notes from the video:

  • I am not a crazy cat lady (well, okay maybe I kinda am), but both of our cats made plenty of appearances in this video making it look like we have a gazillion cats.  I assure you, we only have two. 🙂
  • The brushes I briefly discussed on here are wood brushes with natural bristles, and the set of three shown can be purchased here. At the time of this post, the entire set is just $13.99.
  • When you first start dry skin brushing, chances are, you’ll try to brush too hard.  The pressure should be gentle.  You’re not trying to scratch the skin.  Just brush over the skin gently with mild pressure.  It is normal to have a BIT of a pink color to your skin afterwards, especially when you’re first getting started, but skin should definitely not be red or painful afterwards.

Alrighty, guys!  I think that’s it!  Give it a try!  You’ve got nothing to lose, and lots of health benefits to gain!  Enjoy! 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a medical professional. The information presented on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. One should always consult with their doctor or medical professional before taking on any sort of major dietary or lifestyle changes.

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