D.I.Y. Personalized Wood Burning Cutting Boards

I had my wood burner out while working on a project. While doing so, I glanced into the kitchen, and saw some cutting boards sitting on the counter looking pretty barren!  Cue idea light bulb!  I decided to use my wood burner to customize the cutting boards, and they turned out really cute!  Of course, I had to come on here and share it with all of you, so you can have super cute cutting boards too! 🙂  Not only that, but with some practice, you can make these look really nice so they would make really great gifts!  I’m thinking Holiday sayings for different holidays on them, “Mr. and Mrs.” as a wedding gift…the possibilities are endless!

Another plus about doing this is that it makes your house smell like a campfire – Awesome, I l love that smell! Okay, so let’s get to the directions.  It’s really quite easy!



  • cutting board(s) – lighter ones work best, because the burning shows up the best on these ones
  • pencils and stencils – the stencils are optional.  I did mine freehand, but if you are trying to put together a really nice gift, you may want to use a stencil.
  • Wood burner carving tool – I got mine here on Amazon for $20


1.) Start with a clean and dry cutting board.

2.) Sketch your design onto the cutting board using a pencil and your stencil if you’re using one.

3.) Use your wood burner carving tool to trace over the design.  Be careful as the tool gets VERY hot.

4.) Use soap and water to wash your cutting board.  This will get rid of any remaining pencil marks.

5.) Allow the cutting board to dry completely, and then, if needed, go over any areas that need darkening with your carving tool.

It’s that easy, and now you’ve got lovely cutting boards that you can still use for chopping, but will also look great as a cheese plate for a get together!  Enjoy! 🙂

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