All the Feels Friday

We should be astonished at the goodness of God, stunned that He should bother to call us by name, our mouths wide open at His love, bewildered that at this very moment we are standing on holy ground. ~Brennan Manning

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve deemed today “All the Feels Friday” (tell the others 😅). I’ve been going through some challenges for the past 8.5 months, and after yet another restless night’s sleep, I expected to wake to those same pesky thoughts that have been haunting me throughout this timeframe. However, Papa had another idea.

I woke to see the dawn’s sun beginning to seep through my windows, and I got up to look out, and saw a beautiful sunrise. In that moment, I was surrounded by Papa’s peace, and I whispered words of gratitude for this daily reminder of how much He loves us. A sunrise every morning – what a gift! It’s really true that we can be thankful in every moment if we make the conscious decision and effort to be one who continually offers up thanks. After experiencing such a blessing of positive feels to start my day, I wanted to share some of those feels with you, and what better way than with music?

Have you ever heard a song that brings you to your knees? I’ve always loved the way that music can be so therapeutic and moving in both times of struggle and times of great joy. Whether it’s the melody, the particular instruments within a piece, the words, the harmony, the rhythm, etc., there is something about music that can transport us from the present moment to anywhere that we may want to go! Again – what a gift! ❤️

Though I like all types of music, my favorite genres are Contemporary Christian and Classical, and my all time favorite song that continually moves me to my core no matter how many times I hear it is “Oceans” by Hillsong United. This video is my all time favorite rendition of it! Thus, I’m hoping that this will give you all the feels like it does me during this “All the Feels Friday.”

Remember friends, no matter how deep our struggles may seem, God’s love is deeper. No matter how high our levels of stress may be, God’s love is higher. No matter how big our problems may seem, God’s love is always bigger. He’s never failed us, and He won’t start now. ❤️

Much love to you friends!

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