Minimalist D.I.Y. Inhale/Exhale Wall Art Craft

Guys, we recently moved to Granger, Indiana!!!  This is the closest that the military has ever placed us to my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, so I am super excited to be closer to friends and family (under two hours!!!)!

Anyway, our last place was a two-bedroom, 1 living room small little place, and our new place is a 4 bedroom, living room and family room, much bigger place. Needless to say, I have been knee deep in boxes, and furnishing and decorating this place has become quite the task! It’s an older house, and we are renting, so I’m limited with what I can do with the place, but I’m going for a minimalist vibe with a bit of bohemian style mixed in there.

Today, after finishing up another bedroom, I noticed that I wanted something simple to hang at the end of the hallway. Since I’ve been a bit stressed with all the moving and organizing, I wanted a simple reminder to just breathe. Thus, I hit my craft supplies, and came up with the idea of a simple print of “Inhale, Exhale”. The result is really simple, but I like that, and it calms me every time I walk down the hall and see it.

Before getting to the simple process of creating this masterpiece (can I call it that?…oh well, I just did), a couple of notes:

  • You can use any phrase for this, and the design can be whatever you want. I just liked the inhale/exhale thing because, for one, I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the moving festivities, so it was a nice reminder, and also because I got inspired by the tattoo I saw on Pinterest.
  • I did white canvas on white walls, but you can easily paint the canvas any color you would like first, and then once it dries do the lettering over it…I think a light grey canvas with white lettering would look pretty rad!
  • I did my lettering free-hand, but you could also use a stencil of some sort to do this too. You can usually find some pretty cool wording stencils for various popular phrases.

Okay, let’s do this!


Materials needed:

  • two 12×12 blank white canvases – I got mine on Amazon a while back here.
  • a pencil
  • black paint
  • toothpicks (one for each color you are using)


1.) First, you simply use your pencil to draw the lettering onto the canvases. If you are using the same design as I did, place the two canvases next to each other so they line up, then draw the line connecting the inhale and exhale from one canvas to the other so you know where to draw “exhale” on the second canvas so the line lines up when you hang them.

2.) After you’ve drawn your design on the two canvases, dip your toothpick in the black paint, and slowly and carefully trace over the pencil drawing on the canvas until the whole drawing is now painted on your canvases. This is the trick to making it look quite precise – use a toothpick instead of a paintbrush!

3.) Allow the paint to dry, and wa-la! You are done, and you have a super cute and simple wall hanging that looks great in any room! When you hang them, do so so that the line from the first canvas to the second canvas lines up.

Told you it was super easy, but seriously – so cute, right? Enjoy! 🙂

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