D.I.Y. Autumn Scarecrow Craft

I am in love with this super adorable scarecrow craft that I made! I love having this little guy on display during the Autumn season, and I get tons of compliments on him (he deserves them – handsome lil fella)!

I got the idea from Hobby Lobby project ideas.  There was a picture of a lil’ guy that looked like this, and I just took it from there, figuring out how to make him!  I’m so glad I did, because…well, look!  Now, the original craft idea was to be made from Terra Cotta pots, but I didn’t have a bunch of different size pots to make the craft, and to buy all those different sizes would have been kind of expensive, so I found some substitutes, which there are links to in the directions section under materials below!  I used paper machete pots, and I found the cutest little miniature pots made out of wood for the hands and feet.  All in all, this craft cost me less than $15.  Of course, I had the burlap, craft glue, paint, and twine on hand.  Still, it’s pretty cheap to make…especially if you actually have some terra cotta pots on hand!

The process is really quite easy, and as you can see, the result is ridiculously cute!  Makes for the perfect Autumn decoration!  Let’s get to those directions.



  • Paper Machete Flower Pots (two sizes – 1 slightly smaller than the other)
  • Wood Miniature Flower Pots (1 package comes with 4 pots)
  • Natural Jute Twine
  • Paint mixed to be the color of Terra Cotta Pots (I mixed Orange, Red, and light brown)
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Burlap Material
  • Craft Glue (you can use any kind, but this links to my favorite, Crafter’s Pick.  It’s perfect, because it works, and it dries clear.
  • Natural Raffia
  • Permanent marker
  • Black, Orange, and White Paint for the face


1.) First things first, use your knife to cut two holes in the bottoms of both of the paper machete flower pots.

2.) Next, you will want to paint your paper machete pots and your wooden pots a terra cotta color.  Just mix red, orange, and light brown paint together until you get the desired shade, and then paint your pots.  Let them dry completely.

3.) Once the paint has dried, cut your burlap material in a strip that will wrap around the pot you are using as the head.  Wrap the strip snugly around the pot and use your craft glue to glue in place.

4.) Now, you will want to cut two long pieces of twine and string them through each of the holes on the bottom of the pot that will be the body.  These will serve as the arms and legs of the scarecrow.  Once you’ve done this, you will want to string one more piece of twine through the both of the holes, with the ends of the twine coming out on the outside of the pot.  In a minute, you will use this twine to connect the head and the body.

5.) Take a bunch of the Raffia, and use your craft glue to glue it to the body pot as shown.  Now, take the twine you strung through the holes of the body pot, and string them through the holes of the head pot.  Now, tie a knot on the inside of the head pot, in such a way that you have the head and body fitting snugly together.  Spread the raffia out, and trim appropriately.

6.) Next, we will take care of the hands and feet.  For each hand and foot, string the end of the twine through the hole in the bottom of the pot.  Tie a knot so that the hand or foot sits where you want, and the pot won’t pull off as shown.  Use your scissors to cut off any extra twine.

7.) Squirt a gob of craft glue in each of the hands and feet, then place a wad of raffia in each hand and foot.  Trim appropriately, and allow the craft glue to dry.

8.) Cut two squares of burlap material and glue onto the body of the scarecrow appropriately.  Don’t worry if you see the glue through the burlap, it dries clear!

9.) You’re almost done!  All you have left to do is paint on the face.  I did this by first drawing the face on using a permanent marker, and then I filled it in by painting using toothpicks.  Using a toothpick allows for better accuracy and less smudging.  I did the eyes using black and white paint, the nose using orange, black, and white paint, and the mouth using black paint as shown.

10.)  All you have to do now is allow your guy to dry completely!

Oh my gosh, so cute!!!  I kinda wanna smush him because he is so adorable! I can’t even. This may be one of my favorite crafts I ever made!  Enjoy! 🙂

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