Laughter Yoga: The Language of Kindness

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

The above quote is often attributed to Mark Twain, but there is plenty of speculation about whether or not the quote originated with him. Regardless, it is a powerful and truthful quote, and it has great meaning and implications.

With the world in its current state, kindness is needed now more than ever, and it is a language that all should be speaking to one another. None of us can do this life alone – each and every one of us is here for the purpose of helping each other along in this leg of our journeys, and we all have an incredible responsibility of showing kindness, compassion, and love to everyone around us. Kindness can pick someone up, heal a wounded soul, and help to mend a broken world.

So, what is the language of kindness? As the above quote infers, I believe it is a universal language that all can understand, and it is best expressed through love and laughter. When we express love towards another being, they feel it at the soul level regardless of the dialect we are using. They understand that they are being loved, and that has a beautiful transforming effect within them. Similarly, when we laugh with someone, they know its meaning – there is no language barrier there – they know we are expressing our joy and delight in their presence, and that is a tremendous gift for both the giver and the receiver.

Now, let’s make a connection. What do we do in laughter yoga? We LAUGH and we LOVE! One could conclude, then, that laughter yoga is the language of kindness! When I got involved with laughter yoga, I was both humbled and amazed at the kindness that laughter yogis expressed in everything that they did and to every person that they came in contact with. After just one session of laughter yoga, I knew I had found my people…my soul family, and since then that realization has been substantiated ten-fold!

More and more people are becoming aware of the physical and mental health benefits of laughter yoga, but it doesn’t stop there, my friends. Practicing laughter yoga regularly changes us deep within. Laughter is like a brilliant bright light filled with love that shines on our souls. Laughing regularly allows that light to become brighter and brighter within us, and it shines into the darkest parts of us, illuminating, healing, and replacing those parts until we become that light. We are then able to shine that love, laughter, and light onto others easily and readily. In other words, it allows us to become fluent in the language of kindness.  

What this means is that when we make laughter yoga a part of our daily routine, we are strengthening and honing our ability and tendency towards kindness.  We are not only building up our capacity to love others, love ourselves, and to express this love in a language that all can understand, but we are also solidifying that calling and desire within us to do so. We are doing our part to make the world a better place. Imagine if everyone in the world took on this practice – world peace would no longer be something we were striving for, it would be achieved.

Take some time to love, laugh, and speak kindness today. The world needs it now more than ever. Start practicing laughter yoga today, and the language of kindness will naturally flow through you and out of you. Be a light, my friends!

Follow along with my blog and videos to learn more and to experience all of the benefits of laughter yoga for yourself! Sending love and laughter to all of you!

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