Spreading Happiness, Laughter Yoga, and Mirror Neurons

Let’s do a quick demonstration. From the image above, stare at the top image for about 10 seconds, and jot down 3 different emotions that it makes you feel. Then, stare at the bottom image for about 10 seconds, and jot down 3 different emotions that it makes you feel.

From the top image, you may have gotten some results such as joy, freedom, happy, gratitude, or the like. From the bottom image, you may have gotten some results such as sadness, frustration, depressed, unhappy, or the like. Those feeling you get from observing others emotions are actually caused by something called mirror neurons.

Mirror neurons are a kind of visuospatial neurons that respond to and mimic actions or emotions that we see in others. These neurons are extremely special, because they imply that we can impact another person’s emotional state by simply being joyful around that person. Something as simple as a smile can completely turn another person’s mental state from sour to happy! What an incredible gift, and also a tremendous responsibility, this is that we all possess! In each interaction, exchange, or brief passing that we have with another individual, we can either build them up or bring them down. Shouldn’t we all make a conscious effort to build people up and bring them joy?

This is another aspect of laughter yoga that is so wonderful (side note: I am beginning to believe that the list of benefits of laughter yoga is infinitely long and ever increasing – very good, very good, YAY)! Laughter yoga increases our joy, and this shows on our face and in our actions. As laughter yogis, we are positive, joyful, and loving individuals, and thanks to mirror neurons, this gets passed along to anyone we come in contact with. Thus, not only does laughter yoga benefit us, but it also benefits those around us.

Take a moment to think about past interactions you’ve had with someone that is really positive, smiling, and happy. Think about how that made you feel. Wouldn’t you like to pass that feeling on to others? Well, you certainly can, and laughter yoga is an excellent tool to hone your own positivity in order to present that gift to those around you. This is such an act of kindness, and it’s as simple as a smile, laugh, or small words of encouragement. Just think if we all took on this knowledge and responsibility of utilizing mirror neurons to bring joy to others…I’m pretty sure that’s what we could call world peace. It’s attainable, and it starts with you! Take some time to laugh, smile, and be joyful today. Spread that around like confetti to anyone you come in contact with, and know you are doing your part to make the world a better place to be in.

If you are looking for a pick me up today, please check out my videos and follow along! If you want more or are looking for a “live” experience, please check out my Zoom sessions (coming soon). Sending love and laughter to all of you!

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